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Latest News in Circadian Medicine

Women and heart disease: Female hormones protect against heart damage from body clock disruptions

When you eat could be as important as what you eat

The Ideal Work Schedule, as Determined by Circadian Rhythms

"Mitochondria - the tiny power centers inside cells that burn nutrients like sugar to make energy - are tightly controlled by the body's biological or circadian clock. Consequently, there is an optimum time when sugar-burning is most efficient."
"If you’ve ever had jetlag, then you know how persistent circadian rhythms can be. This natural — and hardwired — ebb and flow in our ability to feel alert or sleepy has important implications for you and your employees."
 New research into the different ways male and female hearts respond to disruptions in the circadian clock may result in doctors giving men and women heart medications at different times of day. 

Reset Your Skin’s Circadian Rhythm

Can you get seasonal affective disorder in the summer?

How changing your light globes could help get your sleep cycle back in sync

"And while your circadian rhythm isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your skin, research shows it’s actually crucial for maintaining a healthy, resilient and (you guessed it) younger-looking complexion."
"When you hear the term seasonal affective disorder, (SAD), you usually think of the wintertime blues, when folks feel sluggish and depressed due to the shorter, colder days and decreased exposure to light. "
"You wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, and promise yourself you’ll get to sleep earlier tonight. But when bedtime rolls around again, you’re wide-awake, alert, and the last thing you feel like doing is turning out the lights. Sound familiar?"

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